Services provided by The CIO Recruitment Firm

We are a focussed CIO recruitment group. We offer the following services in the Specialist Recruitment of Chief Information Officers Throughout South Africa and Africa, for Corporate and Medium-Sized Businesses:

  • King III technology Reporting
  • Technology Strategic Planning
  • CIO Performance Scorecard
  • Board Reports Dashboards
  • Technology SWOT Support
  • Technology Cost Bridge & Financial Planning

We specialise in supporting listed Companies and Boards with their Strategic Planning and Governance Criteria as specified by King III.

We articulate and construct Performance Balanced Scorecards for CIO's, Boards and Companies.

We also design IT Organisations:

  • We articulate and design Functions
  • We design Organograms of IT Structures

    Sample Organogram

  • We provide Strategic Risk Frameworks

    Sample Risk & Control Framework

  • We assist with Strategic Release Management
  • We provide Business Engagement Executive Reviews